Press Guide on your remote control to access the Interactive Program Guide. Press the C button to return to your current channel and time.

From the Interactive Program Guide, use the up and down buttons for channel and left and right buttons for time on your remote control to move through the listings. Pay Per View listings start on channel 500.

Highlight the movie you want to see and press Select. Press B to buy the movie and enter your personal identification number to order.

That's all there is to it. The movie automatically starts at the time indicated, and with so many movies starting every half-hour, it's virtually "movies on demand."

If you want to see what Pay Per View movies you've already ordered, press the A button and enter your PIN.

From the Pay Per View Channel: Again, press Select if you want to order the movie, press the B button for PIN entry. Enter your PIN, if you want to see what's already scheduled, press the A button for you PPV summary.

It's that fast and convenient. If the movie is already in progress, you will immediately see it on your screen. Or, if it's scheduled for a later hour, you'll see a reminder timer countdown on your screen until the movie starts. Remember, you still can watch any channel while you're waiting for you Pay Per View event to begin.

In addition, ANY Pay Per View program channel offers previews of upcoming movies and events.

Parental Control

Want to make sure the kids don't see something they shouldn't? You control who orders Pay Per View by using your personal identification number (pin) when ordering. If you have problems accessing your PIN number, please call your local ATVC office




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